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Boxing - Isho Shiba
My name is Isho Shiba and I was born September 18, 1986 in Baghdad, Iraq. I am a Canadian boxer and have been since I was 12 years of age. I was originally inspired by Zaya Younan from Hamilton Ontario Canada. Zaya helped me reach my dreams and goals. I was a junior boxer for 6 years, and won 2 junior Canadian Championships.
The first championship that I won was in February of 2004 in Quebec. It was a great feeling to win after all the hard work and dedication. The second Championship was on February of 2005 in Brantford Ontario.
In January 2006 I became a senior boxer. The first senior Championship was the Ontario Championships, which I won Gold medal in November 2005.

In January 2006, I went to the Canadian Championships in St. Catherines, Ontario as a 54kg boxer. I competed against a 4 time Canadian Champion and defeated him and became the new champion.
I am looking forward to the Commonwealth games in Melbourne, Australia in March 2006. Throughout my journey I have been to Ireland, Korea, Poland, USA, and soon to add to the list is Australia.
Boxing has become my passion for life, my passion for success. I appreciate the support from my family, friends, and my Assyrian community. I especially thank God for lighting my way and leading me to success.